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About Me

Welcome to the "DrP360." I am  Phyllis Hayes-Reams, also known as "Dr. Phyllis."  I am a board-certified physician, ordained minister, mother, daughter, and community volunteer. I know how it is to feel emotionally depleted from being a busy managing home, work, and my community involvement. I have experienced the feelings of being overstretched and drained due to a full plate of responsibilities. I thought self-care was a luxury, not a necessity.  In fact, I wore my list of accomplishments and over packed calendar like a badge of honor. My mode of operation worked, as I ran on the emotional fumes in that were left in my empty energy tank. In September 2019, I began getting signals from the God that something needed to change in my life. Through a rollercoaster of events in 2020, God escalated his signals, knocked me off the hamster wheel of "busyness" I had created. I was determined that I was not going to stay stuck, and letting life navigate me. Instead, I wanted to navigate my life, my responsibilities, my "to-do" list. I wanted to be fully present, and show up in life aligned and reflecting my Christian beliefs. I wanted peace. I wanted happiness. I wanted to walk in God's purpose for my life. During my journey I developed my own "360 View" prescription for Christian living. By following this prescription, my faith and my ability to navigate my life is stronger than ever.

Why You Should Join Us

With our faith in God through Jesus Christ as our focus, we will help you create a framework, prescription, and approach to living that allows you to have peace and confidently navigate your personal and work life as you fulfill the purpose God has provided you for. Our virtual community events and content will allow you to participate on the go.

A Big Thanks

Thanks so much to the DrP360 supporters and community!! Your support and participation will help us continue to create not only a community, but a movement of Christians dedicated to live our lives with Christ as our center

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